Skitch 2.3

You can use annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality

Skitch is a complete image capturing, editing, annotating and sharing solution. It lets you capture any area of the screen, save it to an image, annotate and edit it with tools like “Arrow” or “Pen”, and export it to common picture file formats such as PNG or JPG. The program can also save the image to BMP or TIFF files or import it directly into the powerful note management application Evernote. It's also possible to quickly upload the annotated screenshot to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. As you can see, this tool offers a fast and easy way to share ideas and draw the focus on what’s really important.

Skitch comes with a nice, elegant and appealing interface. It’s also intuitive, straightforward and includes handy tips, ensuring that any kind of users, including beginners, can use this application without any problem. The annotation tools are simple and free of any unnecessary intricate settings. You can highlight the important aspects of the screenshot with ease with basic tools like Arrow, Pen or some geometrical shapes. Anyway, if you want to perform in-depth editing of the snapshot, you should try another tool as the features provided by Skitch are not suitable for this kind of advanced tasks.

In conclusion, Skitch is a neat and handy tool to take, annotate and share screenshots. It’s also free so giving it a try won’t cost you a thing.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Allows direct uploading to Facebook and Twitter
  • It's very neat and easy-to-use
  • Can save and import the images directly to EverNote


  • Though it features handy "Tooltips", it lacks a proper "Help" system
  • Cannot export to GIF
  • Lacks advanced editing and annotating tools and options (for example, only 8 basic colors can be used)
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